Welcome To The Future -- 2080

Campaign Overview:

It is 2080, and the future is a dark one.  If you've seen movies like: Blade Runner, Cherry 2000, Children of Men, Cloud Atlas, Death Race, Demolition Man, Doomsday, Dread, Elysium, Equilibrium, Gamer; Anime like: Appleseed, Armitage III, Black Magic M-66, Bubblegum Crisis, Ghost in the Shell, Technotise: Edit & I; TV Shows like: Almost Human, Borealis, Continuum, Dark Angel, Defiance, Outcasts, Revolution, Total Recall 2070; you've got a pretty good idea of what kind of world you are in.  The corporations have control over most of the world -- so much so that the USA is now known as the Incorporated States of America or ISA.  The rain over the megacities is so toxic that it can burn exposed skin and the ice caps have melted so that most coastal regions are drowned out -- or were rebuilt as Venice-like cities.
The central plains are a wasteland akin to the Mad Max movies, with gigantic agri-dome dotting them.  Out here you don't have to fear the weather as much as the city dwellers.  Out here the Corpsemen -- Corporate Controlled Police, a la Robocop -- will actually try to serve and protect, or at least might take a bribe.  And out here, there are very few monitoring systems, as the power is needed to create water and keep the domes inflated and producing food for the megacities.  Here is where you find yourselves, and today is going to be a very interesting day.

General Setting Notes:

The campaign will be set in a slightly altered Cyberpunk world, where Bioware and Space Travel are more advanced than a standard CP2020 world -- there are space colonies on Jupiter's Titan moon, Mars, in the Asteroid Belt, and on Luna.  Obvious augmentations are frowned upon in the cities, but in the wastelands, people overlook them -- some even look upon them as status symbols.  The 'net is everywhere and almost everyone has a pocket AI.  In the cities every display is a two-way security device and in some areas, even the glass is.  In the outlying areas, only important buildings and security areas have them.
Here's the full Campaign Charter2080 Campaign Charter.pdf
Here's the Player Character Generation Guidelines2080 PC Generation.pdf
Here are our modified Hacking Rules, which replaces the Netrunning rules:  2080 Hacking Rules.pdf