York Knights 3

A 4 Hour Gaming Session of the Dresden Files RPG

The Back Story: (aka the idea that became the setup for this game)
Continuing from Episode 2.
The Adventurers: (aka the Player's Characters)
Name High Concept Trouble Template Power Level
Aaron Jones Rookie Ghost Cop Too Nice for his own Good Exiled Nevernever Being Chest Deep
Heinrick Von Klinsburg Apprentice Wizard, University Student Things don't always go as planned Wizard Chest Deep
Session Start:  Saturday -- 4pm
Scene:  1 Poor Cindy
Setup: Early April, downtown Toronto, at Mount Sinai Hospital
Aspects: Doctors Galore, Healing Hands, Spring Is At Hand.
Aaron’s report on what happened lead nowhere -- by the time the police arrived at the club, everything had been cleaned up.
It took over a week for Cindy to recover from the damage done to her at Compression.  The boys visited her often; in fact they took shifts to make sure she was safe and sound.  On her discharge date, they both showed up to take her home.  Aaron went in to get her since Heinrick couldn’t -- since he’d be risking Hexing, something that might wind up killing someone.
She looked fit, clear eyed and was very happy to see them both.
But as they were getting into the cab, a black limo pulled up beside it, with its passenger door opened and Cindy changed direction and got in without a thought -- the instant she was in, it roared away.
"What the!!!" swore Heinrick.  Aaron yelled at Heinrick to get in the cab and then flashed his badge at the Cabbie with a "Follow that CAR!!!!"
The cabbie was a bit put out, and only after Aaron swore that the department would pay for any damages did he start after the limo.
Scene:  2 Near Death Through City Streets!
Setup: Car chase through the city.
Aspects: Traffic Galore, Smash and Crash, Eddie's Cabbie Skills!
The chase was something that neither Aaron nor Heinrick were expecting.  The Limo driver was a madman and their Cabbie was even worse.  After a suicidal rampage through the downtown core that wound up near the airport.
Soon after the trail went cold -- only after a tracking spell from Heinrick were they able to pickup it up again.
It lead them to a warehouse in Etobicoke.  Before they got too close, Aaron paid Eddie -- the cabbie -- and then they circled the place looking for a way in and what they were up against.
Scene:  3 Always in a Warehouse
Setup: The boys wind up outside of a RCV controlled warehouse, and Cindy is inside it.
Aspects: Beware The Mighty Fae!  Mealtime.  Cavernous but full Warehouse
They met a tiny Wild Fae who told them that there were "stinky bloodsuckers" inside that had also grabbed many of his kin.  They offered to join forces with him and together they might get everyone out.
The Fae agreed and they asked him to scout out the interior -- he returned faster than they thought and brought grave news -- the warehouse was full of vampires... "Hundreds of them!"
Luckily, Heinrick had enough Lore knowledge of the Fae to know that most didn't know how to count -- so there were most likely under ten.  The Fae wasn't willing to enter the "cave" and fight the "stinky bloodsuckers", but he offered to aid them if they made it back out with his Kin.
Heinrick took the time to create a powerful Veil to cover them both, warning Aaron to stay close -- and in they went.  The Veil worked -- they walked in, right under the noses of two RCV guards.  Inside they found the Limo, there was a bloodbath on the ground beside the driver-side door.  The Limo driver had been fed upon and his ravaged corpse was in pieces -- he must have tried to fight his way out.
They moved through the warehouse and Heinrick passed under a breaker box that his Veil fried instantly and darkness fell.  Moments later the emergency exit lights came on and so did the Vampires -- two big mean brutes.  Aaron shot the first in the belly at point blank range -- tossing it to the ground in a spray of gore, it had been the one who fed on the driver -- the second was smashed to pulp against the concrete wall by Heinrick's heaviest whirlwind spell.  As they passed through the door, Aaron emptied his Glock into the downed vampires head, splashing its brains everywhere -- now he knew it was dead.
They were sneaking around in office spaces with too many blind spots -- Heinrick knew they needed an edge, but the only thing that could work on such short notice would be his Third Eye.  He took a moment to brace himself and then opened his Eye -- the whole place was stained with what the Red Court had done here.  There was a stronger taint emanating from the back offices, definitely live vampires back there.
They moved slowly and systematically, clearing each office until there was only one left -- the corner office.  They signalled one another silently -- knowing that vampires had heightened senses -- to stand on either side on the door and counted down for Aaron to open it.  Something must have given them away, as the vampire inside opened up with a hand cannon that blew 2 inch holes in the drywall.  They dove for cover and Heinrick opened up with another whirlwind spell, smashing the door in and nearly decapitating the vampire and forcing it to dive for cover too.  With that display of power, and seeing them getting ready to attack again, the vampire made a hasty retreat up the wall and crashed through the ceiling.  Heinrick took another look around with his Eye and could see the vampire's aura fading as it fled.
Inside Cindy was laying on the desk with her neck torn open -- but even at that distance they could see it was healing.  Heinrick knew what that meant but there still might be a chance to save her -- but he would need help, supernatural help.  He got Aaron to call the Toronto Warden on his cell -- one Nels Wilhelm -- and tell him what had happened and what could they do for Cindy.  The Warden offered them a chance and they took it.
As they gathered up Cindy, the vampire returned and took out the rest of the ceiling, they managed to dive under the desk to safety, but when they got out the vampire was waiting for them and started shooting.  One bullet slammed into Aaron's skull knocking him senseless and caused him to Phase.  Heinrick saw him get shot and turn into a grey cloudy humanoid blob -- but he couldn't get a hold of him.  He was out of juice for another spell, so he slung Cindy over his shoulder and dove out the nearest window.  The vampire started after them, but saw that the sun was rising and quickly turned back into the darkness of the warehouse with a hiss of anger.
Scene:  4 Bloody Hell!
Setup: Escape and survive!
Aspects: Predawn in the city, Watched!
Heinrick stumbled as he dropped the 3 feet to the ground and was startled to see a miniature sun floating above his head -- a sun composed of glowing wild Fae!  Heinrick picked Cindy up and stared moving -- a few moments later Aaron reappeared nearby and staggered over to him.
With Heinrick supporting the others, they managed to get out to a main street and commandeered a bus -- with a flash of Aaron's badge and a look at Cindy's torn up throat the driver just ask where to go -- and headed for the closest hospital.  They managed to get there just in time to save both of them.  After seeing them safely inside and keeping a tight rein on his own aura to prevent hexing everything around him.  He saw an older payphone and called up the Toronto Warden -- who nearly fried the phone connection when he heard where they'd brought the newly created vampire -- and was told to wait there until either Nels himself or the Reverend DuMoulin showed up to take care her.  He was also warned that any fatalities that happened would be on his head.
Luckily the Rev arrived minutes later and rushed in to take charge of the situation, without even stopping.
Heinrick stayed outside, awaiting Warden Wilhelm and his verdict -- he might toss a violation or two at him, but at least he hadn't broken any of the 7 Laws. While he pondered his fate, a long black limo pulled up next to the seated Heinrick.  The window opened, and from within he heard the familiar voice of that last Vampire in the warehouse, "Wizard, you have thrown down the gauntlet and declare war against a Noble of the Red Court...  I will have your head... but first you will suffer."
The window rolled up and the limo pulled away into the coming dawn, as the Warden's black Lincoln came into the emergency driveway of the hospital.
-- To Be Continued --
Session End:  Saturday -- 8pm