Captain's Log 1

An 8 Hour Gaming Session of Fate Core RPG - Cloud Ark

The Adventurers: (aka the Player's Characters)
Name High Concept Trouble
Sapphire "Fire" Rose Ly'xian Airship Explorer Orphan, With Way Too Much Family!
Orn Rose Dragon Knight, Whippersnapper Living Breathing Cat Carrier
Session Start:  Sunday -- 6pm (Actual Start:  3pm -- Campaign/World building)
Captain's Log:  [Date (0 days into game)]
35 days without incident.
Arrival, Mapledown Port.
Need to find a new cook, since we lost Bob in the Air Whale oil incident 35 days ago.
Captain's Log:  [Date (1 days into game)]
36 days without incident.
Mapledown Port.
Found a new cook, named Sari, hope she last longer than poor Bob.
Our new mechanic, Celestine, has completed the needed repairs and even made some enhancements to the Rose -- she seems to be working out.
We've been given a lucrative cargo run to get a full load of Ale to Westport as soon as possible.  The merchant, the first other Ly'xi I have ever seen, revealed that she hasn't been able to get any shipments through in months because of pirate attacks.  She's willing to pay us 12,000 pearls, if we can get it there in the next 2 weeks and another 5,000 pearls, if we can get it there within the week!  To get the bonus, we'll have to fly through the infamous Spike Mountains route, said to claim more than half the ships that attempt it.  They weren't the Rose.  I'm not saying it'll be a cake walk, but whatever happens it'll be exciting!
I found out that the fastest run to Westport from Mapledown via the Spikes was 7 and a half days.  I'm sure the Rose can beat that time.
Captain's Log:  [Date (3 days into game)]
38 days without incident.
East side of Spikes.
We've arrived in good time, without any sightings of pirates.  The only thing out here was a large transport heading to the Stonewall Fort route, which is at least a week longer, more like two for something so slow.
The winds are perfect for us to enter now, so this will be the last log entry until we're out the other side, either that or we'll be another victim of the Spikes.
Captain's Log:  [Date (6 days into game)]
41 days without incident.
Outside of Westport City.
We made it through and in record time, the Rose cut the fastest time by more than 2 days.  I'm so proud of her and the crew.
While within the Spikes, we shot past at least 2 pirate ships before they could even react to us.  The new mechanic found herself a baby Roc.  That thing freaks me out; it's always looking at me and the dogs as if we're snacks.  Will need to see how attached Celestine is to the thing, and then decide what to do.
As we left the Spikes, a pirate airship rose out of a culvert and tried to stop us.  Celestine and Orn used 3 Ornballs on it.  The first one missed, but the other 2 smashed it to splinters.  We never even slowed down.
Note:  The pirates seemed to be taken entirely by surprised when I shot over them with the Rose, which allowed Orn to drop the last Ornball amidships cracking the ship like an egg.  Must remember this tactic.
Captain's Log:  [Date (7 days into game)]
42 days without incident.
Westport City.
- Paid in full, plus bonus -- 17,000 pearls -- for full cargo load of ales delivered to the Golden Skull Inn.
- Additional bonus provided by Innkeeper:  Free food, drinks and lodging for the entire crew for a week.
- Paid 700 pearls for destruction of a Pirate Skirmisher by city guard.
We arrived at the largest port we've ever been to.  In fact every port that we've ever been to could easily fit into this place with room to spare.  Both Orn and I had way too much to drink at the Golden Skull Inn last night, but at least it was the good stuff that we'd been paid transport here.  The food was exceptional, as was the company.  Alex Strongarm, the captain of the Westport guards, and Orn seem to have hit it off.  For now he's considered a friend.  Didn't partake in their lodging, the Rose is home and was nearby.
Met 2 other Ly'xi.  The first was a beautiful cream coloured female named Agatha; she detained us as we entered the port in an ironclad airship.  She was magnificent!  I will crack her grim demeanour, if it is the last thing I do!  The Ly'xi, not the ship.
The other was a massive, 6' tall, dark blue furred male called Magnus; we met him at the Inn, seems he owns it and is also the ruler, who they call "Mayor."  I mistakenly asked him about Agatha, only to find out he was her father.  Now I will have to win him over as well.  Alex also informed me that they are both considered noble Ly'xi, seems it has something to do with their height.
I wonder if I will grow to that size, am I a noble Ly'xi?
Enough pondering, today is about getting resupplied and trying to see what it will take to outfit the Rose to hunt down these pirate airships.  With the 18,000 pearls we've got in reserve, I'm in good spirits that it can be done.
Session End:  Sunday -- 11pm