Captain's Log 8

An 8 Hour Gaming Session of Fate Core RPG - Cloud Ark

The Adventurers: (aka the Player's Characters)
Name High Concept Trouble
Sapphire "Fire" Rose Ly'xian Airship Explorer Orphan, With Way Too Much Family!
Orn Rose Dragon Knight, Whippersnapper Living Breathing Cat Carrier
Sari Dunry Phoenix Rising Chaos That Burns Or Healing Rays? Which Will It Be?
Session Start:  Sunday -- 3pm
Captain's Log:  [Date (118 days into game)]
153 days without incident.
Westport City.
Bloodwind moved off the pillar and started his attack. I, now back in the cockpit, moved the Rose in to smash into him; I had seen enough Tempests working to know that the more we forced him to keep in the air and attacking the faster he would tire.  Orn and Magnus took out the Orncycles to add to the targets for him to concentrate on.  Sadly, with that many fast moving opponents he was taken down faster than I thought.
However, we were not without our own casualties, Magnus' cycle had been hit by one of Bloodwind's cyclones and smashed into a pillar.  When we found him he was almost dead.  Celestine tried as she might, but to no avail, he was dying, and she couldn't stop it.
But then I remembered the voice that had warned us of the tornadoes descent and I called out to it in my mind and begged Lief to save him, while willing my life force into Magnus, and in a blink of an eye, I was somewhere else.  Lief and I talked, about what I can't recall, however I know it had to do with Magnus and I had a choice.  I made it.  Then, I was back and the lights went out.
3 days later I woke up.  And... the world was mostly intact.  Magnus had survived, and in fact was better than that, as his slashed eye was healed and good as new, but the cost was that my face now bore that scar and my eye was fogged over.  If that was the price of keeping Agatha's dad alive, I was happy to pay it.
One other thing that I recalled from my talk with Lief; Orn and I were not as old as we thought; we are teenagers, not twenty-somethings.  I guess Orn needs to know this.
Captain's Log:  [Date (119 days into game)]
154 days without incident.
Westport City.
There was a massive celebration in the port last night; everyone knew that the Pirate Captain and his fleet were no more.  I haven't seen the port this alive, ever.
Today we head back to the Pass to claim our salvage, and hopefully find other things that can help us prove the connection between the Pirates and the Imperials.  We're taking a cruiser with us to bring back as much loot as we can.
Captain's Log:  [Date (122 days into game)]
157 days without incident.
Inside the Spike Pass.
Orn had an epiphany last night that we would find damning evidence against the Imperials on the flagship, so we took it and sent the other ship on to salvage engines and whatever else they could find that would help to protect the port.
We entered the flagship, dropping down through the roof of the air dome.  Luckily we did, because soon afterwards we found what was left of the crew.  The first one was a woman who was covered in odd looking Shards imbedded in her skin.  When we tried to help her, she attacked us and didn't stop until we killed her.  But she didn't stay dead, her wounds quickly healed over with new Shards and she got back up.  That's when she started shrieking, and soon afterwards more of these Shard-covered things came crawling out of the woodwork.  At first, I thought they might be some kind of Tempests that I'd never seen before, but then I noticed that they were working almost as if with one mind.  I ordered everyone to flee and once we got away, we agreed that we needed to sneak around and avoid those things at all costs.
While avoiding a large group of Shard-zombies, we found a smaller group that was dragging a still living human over to one that was holding a Shard. We watched in horror as they stabbed him with it and then started to use the Shards from their own bodies to turn him into one of them.  We attacked them to go through them, smashing and hacking them to pieces and then putting them to the torch -- that seemed to keep them down. In that same holding area, we found another large Air Shard.
Soon afterwards, we found the Pirate Lord's quarters.  We scoured it for everything we could find.  We found the evidence that we needed, just like Orn predicted, as well as charms, books, maps, letters of writ and loot enough to pay for outfitting at least another ship or two. But then we found a hidden vault, with a second Aevian capsule.
Now that we'd found what we needed, we had to make sure that none of these Shard-zombies got out of the ship.  We had brought explosive, copies of the ones I'd stolen from the Imperials, so we set them in the munitions locker with enough time for us to get clear.
We made it through, without any other contact with Shard-zombies.  Soon afterwards the flagship exploded in a massive fireball that created a mushroom-like cloud and a shockwave that cleared the pass of all the damage the Imperials had done -- the pass was open again.  The recovered cruiser took some damage from the shockwave and could only limp back to port.
Captain's Log:  [Date (126 days into game)]
161 days without incident.
Westport City.
We have arrived back at the port with another mostly intact cruiser to add to our defensive fleet.  That, along with the 30 engines and other loot should help us shore up the port's defense enough that the mining and trade would make the port self sufficient once again.
Session End:  Sunday -- 11pm