Rifting 1

A 7 Hour Gaming Session of Nexus: Risus (A Simpler RIFTS) RPG

The Back Story: (aka the idea that became the setup for this game)
Atlantis, the isle, my homeland -- lost millennia ago, when my people saved Earth from the Splugorth -- sacrificed through a Great Ritual, that would take it into the void between worlds and lock off Earth from the Rifts and the magic that flowed from them.  We knew it would not last forever, but our hope was that the younger race would have time to evolve enough to be able to defend themselves -- some stayed, to help lead our young cousins in the right direction.
I was a child when our realm vanished, and lived on a world where time flowed far slower than Earth. For me almost 300 years passed, yet Earth would see more than 10 times that.  In all that time, my people were hunted by the Splugorth and others -- their hope, to find the ones that created the Great Ritual, break it and gain access to Earth.  I learned to live in the moment, but many took a darker attitude to life -- becoming more like our hunters.
Then the word found us -- the Ley Lines and Nexii had reopened and Atlantis was once again in the waters of Earth.  I was excited at first, as my family made plans to return and aid our cousins.  But the Splugorth, to our surprise, were already there and had taken over our homeland -- many were captured or killed before we understood what was waiting for us on Earth.  More time passed before we could find other, less known, paths to Earth.
I have hidden myself as a D-Bee Ley Line Walker and Mercenary, it was the easiest way to hide my Atlantean Tattoos and Runic magicks.
The Adventurers: (aka the Player's Characters)
Name Clichés / Hook
Shel Namoth True Atlantean, Runic Warrior, Ley Line Walker, Mercenary Hook: Hidden as a Ley Line Walker
Jacob Operator, Mercenary, Survivalist, City Rat Hook: Saloon Bum
Todd (NPC) Crazy, Scholar, APC pilot
Session Start:  Saturday -- 4pm
I was alone on Earth for a few months before I met Todd and then Jacob, but now, after a few close calls and some good times, we were gelling as a team.  The Crazy Grackletooth Scholar -- with his M.O.M. unit that made his skull look like some kind of weird art sculpture -- trucking around in his APC turned home and Library, trying to educate the masses.  Then there's Jacob -- we picked him up in a bar when we were attacked by Chi-Town racists -- sometimes I think he only joined us because they were smashing bottles of booze, when he's not drinking he's a damn fine mechanic and Merc.
Our latest trek, found us heading into the lands of the fortified town of Nostrous -- it was said to be ruled by a powerful Cyber-Knight.  But our first encounter did not bode so well, we encountered a group of Raiders.  We made short work of them -- two of them emolliated by my own fiery Lindorm Tattoo, the rest crushed by Todd's crazy driving and Jacob's expert shooting.
When we arrived at the town's gates we were congratulated for ridding them of these Raiders -- and gaining us a nice bounty for each head.  There we found that Duke Findoes (the Cyber Knight) was sick, and I offered to take a look and see if my healing skills could aid him.  Arden, the town's Head Guardsman, personally brought us to the castle where we were witness to a heated debate between a doctor, called Doc Savage, and the major domo Plutonius.  Afterwards, we found our way into the chambers of the Duke.  My examination lead to my belief that the man had been poisoned by a kind of techno-magical virus that would kill him if a treatment could not be found soon -- it would also drive him eventually mad.  On our way out we bumped into his current Healer, an old hag of a woman who was spouting off about mystic herbs and magical potions -- of which she had none.
Later that day Jacob lead us to "The Den", a grey market running out of an ancient Al-Mart building, there we met Anna, a tech and weapons dealer specialising in Golden Era items.  Her goods were exceptional, but far out of even our combined trading goods reach.  It was a good place to know about and one that I was sure we'd be going back too.  We headed back to the town to see what else we could find.  There we heard rumours of a great dragon that was attacking the outlying lands.  We gathered up what information we could and headed out to take a close, but not too close, look at it.
We left the APC in town and traveled by foot to the Ley Line.  There I gathered up, Todd and Jacob and transported all of us down the Ley Line, to the nearby mountains, where I had earlier scouted out a likely lair.
We heard something crashing through the woods at us and a spilt second later out popped a cougar-made-man wearing archaic armour, who somersaulted over us and fled.  Then we heard the dragon's wing-sweeps, and we all dove for cover -- like scared rabbits.  That's when I saw the backpack the cougar-man had dropped in his haste.  I grabbed it as the dragon breathed fire upon us all.  We survived, barely -- in the seconds before it could turn and attack again, I grabbed us all up again and drove us back into the Ley Line.
Once back at town, I remembered the pack and we looked in it to find a weird skeleton that had electronics embedded in it.  As Jacob touched it to take it out, a ghostly figure appeared above it, calling itself Sgt. York.
-- To Be Continued --
Session End:  Saturday -- 11pm